There’s nothing cuter than a child bopping along to music — whether they’re trying to sing along, playing an instrument, or moving to the beat. Studies show that childhood experiences with music can accelerate brain development, and even improve language acquisition and reading skills. And as they grow up, piano lessons from Fishers Music & Arts Academy can teach them technique, music history, theory, and more. Before they are old enough for our valuable lessons, here are some top ways to introduce your young child to music:

Make Musical Instruments at Home

Kids want to play with anything that isn’t their toys, so what’s a better way to introduce them to music than an item they don’t normally get to play with? You can rinse out your empty milk jugs and fill them with rice or cereal. You can also take an empty tissue box and wrap rubber bands around it to make a guitar. When children interact with musical intruments (real or pretend) they learn cause and effect and build their thinking skills.

Play Music in the Background

Kids repeat everything they hear. So, choose which music you play wisely, but ultimately playing music while cooking or cleaning will expose your child to all types of music. You don’t have to cater the genre to the child, as hearing all kinds of music is beneficial. Music with words will help infants with speech development, and can expose young children to new words and their meaning.

Watch TV Shows with Music

Watching television shows with music, such as “The Backyardigans” or “Little Einsteins” will show your child that music can make learning fun. Studies have shown that songs can help children (and even adults!) remember information more easily. These programs are usually quite engaging, which will allow your child to learn musical terms and other educational info without even realizing it.

Sing to Them

You don’t have to have the best voice in the world but singing your child lullabies is a way to connect with them personally while also teaching them rhythms, patterns, and new songs. Singing interactive songs like “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider” and “Patty Cake” is also an immersive way get your child excited about music while also using movements and gestures.

When you are ready to introduce your child to the fun of music with piano lessons, reach out to us at Fishers Music & Arts Academy! We’ve been offering group and private lessons to both children and adults in Central Indiana for more than 30 years, and would love to work with your family! Contact us today at 317-507-3171 or to learn more.

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